Law Enforcement/Military Training


law enforcement and military jpx training

In years past, there has been controversy on Law Enforcement tactics and procedures while handling certain situations. Because of this, agencies have tried to find new initiative tools and tactics when dealing with passive or combative members of society. At some point in time, you as a Law Enforcement Professional have or will encounter a combative suspect. During our training, we will introduce a tool that will assist you in these situations and minimize threat and injury to all parties involved.

Instructional Objectives

  1. Be able to correctly define Less-Lethal.
  2. Be able to explain what is OC.
  3. Be able to list the different types of OC Systems.
  4. Be able to demonstrate the proper operation and carry of the JPX
    Jet Protector Less-Lethal Device.
  5. Be able to identify proper target areas.
  6. Case Law and Legal Liabilities.
  7. Be able to conduct proper decontamination.
  8. Proper Maintenance and Cleaning.
  9. Evidence Processing and Documentation.
  10. Policy and Procedures – Administrative Duties.

JPX Train the Trainer (T3) – Certified Instructor for your organization.

Training is required for all law enforcement. Also provided in the training sample written SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Instructors will receive a flash-drive with all documentation to teach.

On-Site Course – $485.00 Per Instructor
Online Re-Certification – $275.00 Per Instructor

User Only Course
User – $150.00 per user

JPX User Tier Training Program
The JPX International Tier Program is designed to maximize end-user training while lowering the cost of instruction for individual agencies. In the program, one user will be certified as a Certified Instructor (CI) and will be provided updated training material via flash drive.

Tier Training Program
1. Training up to 10 users – $150.00 per user
2. Training 11 to 20 users – $135.00 per user
3. Training 21 to 35 users – $115.00 per user
4. Training 36 & up – $85.00 per user

JPX International training course is valid for a period of two years unless your department policy or state requires a refresher course annually.

If you or your department prefer to pay with a Purchase Order Number, please call 410.726.2688 or email us at