Hal Chernoff

Hal Chernoff

Master Instructor

Hal Chernoff has been involved in personal protection for most of his 66 years. He started out learning to box in upstate NY where he was raised on his family’s dairy farm.
After he graduating school he relocated to the Eastern Shore of Maryland for a construction job and eventually started and operated his own concrete construction company.
Hal lived near a very reputable Okinawan style Karate club and since there were no boxing gyms on the Easter Shore he began training in Isshinryu Karate where he earned his black belt and helped instruct classes. Hal’s daughter also took the classes for many years and became a 2nd degree black belt. Both Hal and his daughter traveled together teaching predominantly women’s self defense.
But boxing was always his passion and eventually Hal was asked to show what he knew about boxing to other members of the karate club. Since it would be disrespectful to teach boxing in the Karate club, Hal began giving private lessons at his poultry farm just down the road. Eventually he built a full scale boxing gym with a ring and all the necessary equipment.
More and more people came to learn the art of boxing and eventually Hal became Coach Hal and began taking his boxers to compete all over the east coast as well as holding boxing shows and tournaments in his hometown of Salisbury. Fitness and combat sports runs in the Chernoff family as Hal’s daughter, a 2nd degree black belt owns and operates Synergy Athlete in Created Butte Colorado where she too teaches boxing and crossfit among other things to her clients.

Hal’s exposure to JPX was pure coincidence when he ran into Chief Master Instructor (Owner) of JPX International, Scott Brent, an acquaintance he knew and asked what he was doing since his retirement as a Maryland State Trooper.
Scott was telling him about his company of JPX International,training Law Enforcement and citizens on a Less Lethal weapon, and was more powerful than a regular OC can of pepper spray, traveling up to 23 ft without cross contamination. Hals curiosity was peaked even more, asking if he could look at one of the JPX’s.
After seeing the quality of the JPX and how well it worked for law enforcement, his next question was can a civilian purchase a JPX? The answer was yes!
Seeing this amazing exceptional protection device that can be carried even without a permit was even more Awesome!

After Hal purchase and how well the weapon met his expectations, his friends started asking could they purchase a JPX. After a number of trips to Chief Master Instructor Brents home to purchase more JPX’s, Hal was asked if he would have interest in selling JPX as part of the JPX International / JPX East Coast Team. It was a perfect fit for Hal, a great product that did the job it was supposed to do and it did it better than anything on the market presently. The more Hal sold the JPX and the more he learned about the weapon the more committed he became to the JPX as thee best less lethal weapon on the market for both law enforcement and the civilian population wanting sure fire protection without the risk of causing death or serious long lasting harm.

Hal is married to his wife Nancy of 47 years and has one daughter. His passion remains teaching kids boxing and a better way of life as well as helping people find the perfect personal protection for their well being and piece of mind.