About Us


About Us

Who is JPX International?

JPX International is a locally operated business developed to focus on training & distributing of the new Less Lethal tool for law enforcement agencies. JPX International is under the direction of Retired Sergeant of the Maryland State Police, Scott Brent. Scott brings 29 years of law enforcement experience serving nine years with the Salisbury Police Department and 20 years with Maryland State Police, retiring in 2013. His love and passion for law enforcement would not allow Scott to completely walk away from his law enforcement family. In April of 2016, Scott was contacted by a representative from PIEXON (manufacture of the JPX) and was introduced to this new Less Lethal tool: the JPX Jet Protector Pepper Defense System, which has been deployed to over 2000 law enforcement agencies in the southern portion of the United States.

Impressed with the possibility of being able to offer this less-lethal tool to other law enforcement agencies throughout the northern United States, Scott immediately flew to Pensacola Florida and met with the representative. During his visit, Scott attended a demonstration of the JPX Jet Protector Pepper Defense System at a local law enforcement agency. During the demonstration, Scott saw firsthand the multiple capabilities of the Pepper Defense System which included its less-lethal definition on the “Use of Force” continuum, the no cross-contamination, the ability to subdue multiple suspects in a matter of seconds as well as the reduced risks to officers associated with physical confrontations.

Piexon has partnered with JPX International authorizing our company to provide law enforcement and security services sales and advanced training on the pepper defense system. The services extended by Piexon to JPX International include the sale of the JPX Jet Protector Pepper Defense System and related accessories, training as well as Train The Trainer, and a host of other law enforcement and security-related services.

How did JPX International get authorization?

Piexon of Switzerland recognized the need for less lethal options for law enforcement and security services in the U.S. Scott Brent, owner of, “JPX International a former law enforcement officer will over 29 years of experience. Representatives from Piexon recognized Scott’s vast experience and knowledge and partnered with him to exclusively distribute and train law enforcement and security services within the United States. The JPX has been in the hands of fellow law enforcement departments across the United States, reaching over 1000 departments.

With the ever-increasing Interest in less-lethal alternatives for law enforcement and the rapid pace of training and sales of the JPX Jet Protector Pepper Defense System, JPX International was developed to support the growing interest, sales, and training in the Northeastern region.

What do we offer?

JPX International provides JPX Jet Protector Pepper Defense System sales, service, and training. We offer certification training for law enforcement and private security companies as well as a host of other services.

JPX Jet Protector, The Most Powerful, Most Advanced Pepper Defense System

The JPX Jet Protector is the most functional and powerful hand-held OC delivery system available today. The conventional design ensures accurate solution delivery. The JPX Jet Protector frame is made from a tough polycarbonate, which makes maintaining it a breeze in all kinds of weather and elements. The JPX Jet Protector Pepper Defence System uses a pyrotechnic delivery system to deploy a highly potent OC pepper. The JPX Jet Protector has a two-shot and four-shot system that contains charges that quickly snap on the receiver. Additional cartridges are available on the holster for quick reload and deployment.

Friendly firearm design with laser sight for accuracy will deploy the OC pepper agent at an aggressor at 590 per second or 405 mph (having no kinetic impact. The deployment range is from 5 feet up to 23 feet away from an assailant. The JPX Jet Protector pepper agent is not like your ordinary OC pepper canister spray which has 200,000 Scoville Heat units. The JPX Jet Protector Pepper Defense System delivers 400,000 Scoville Heat Units in a single deployment. The JPX Jet Protector can be deployed inside, or outside of a building having no cross-contamination which often affects bystanders or other assisting officers. The power of each payload combined with reloading makes the JPX extremely effective for law enforcement use.