Police Officer’s Testimonial

Police Officer’s Testimonial

Texarkana Police Department


An Officer on patrol overheard other officer’s being dispatched to a disorderly subject. (Assault call) The Officer who overheard the call being dispatched was very familiar with the male subject (suspect) involved. The Officer knew from previous experience the subject (suspect) will fight the police if attempts are made to take him into custody.

When the Officer’s arrived, and confronted the suspect in a rear small bedroom, the (experienced) Ofc. said to the suspect, ordering the suspect to comply with his orders. The suspects took a fighting stance, indicating he would rather fight, than comply.  The Ofc. ordered the suspect to comply a second time, or he would use his PEPPER SPRAY. (JPX Pepper Gun)The suspect stated ” he did not care and said he could take the pepper spray anytime”.  Because of the short distance of Less Than 5’ required distance – The Ofc. shot the suspect in his upper chest with the JPX Strike Force LE Pepper Gun

It is believed that due to the sound of the JPX Strike Force LE Pepper Gun made when deployed, the suspects thought he had been shot with a firearm and immediately complied, falling to the floor.  The residual effects from the PEPPER SRAY were so minimal that the room cleared in a matter on moments. No fight and the suspect were taken into custody.

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