Corporal Worcester County Maryland Sheriff Office

Corporal Worcester County Maryland Sheriff Office

Cpl. Dale Trotter,
I have 22 years experience as a police Officer. I have worked several crowd situations and have always favored OC spray compared to the Taser. Due to my experience recently, I deployed the JPX Pepper Gun in a situation, where the man was within inches of a survival knife and was refusing all commands to step away.
A situation, which could have proven deadly was resolved with one shot from the JPX. Most importantly, everyone went home with no injuries and the bad guy went to jail.
When the suspect went to trial, the suspect told the judge, “That Officer shot me in the face with that new shit, I have been OC’d before, but that was some new shit”

Corporal Trotter, I give my word, if deployed correctly, no doubt you will see immediate results. Both times I have seen the JPX deployed, the suspect became compliant and begged for water.

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